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i’m at kohl’s and they have an extraordinarily frumpy grandpa sweater with an american flag on it someone please draw steve rogers in this sweater


sam’s 94 year old grandma knitted it for him and she used to have a big crush on captain america. 

Archer panel and bobs burgers :’)

Comic con ny panels have finally been announced!!!!
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"Regina’s pretty caught up with the whole Robin Hood/Marian storyline. I think that this is something that she was not expecting; she finally found her happiness and now it’s been ripped away from her, so she’s really dealing with that in the first part of the season, and dealing with the broken heart and the repercussions of having Robin Hood’s dead wife come back and what that means for their relationship"
(x) Lana talks about season 4 for Regina (via skyliange)


Robin looks at Regina but she doesn’t know

I’m a villain. And villains don’t get happy endings.

TaeTiSeo’s “Holler” Music Video Teaser

All 9 members of Girls’ Generation renewed their contract with SM for another 3 years




OUTLAW QUEEN APPRECIATION WEEK | Day 3: favorite physical contact(s)

→ [2/2] Kisses